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BAH Calculator Hawaii What You Really Make
By Home Team Hawaii August 23, 2018

BAH Calculator Hawaii What You Really Make

Every intelligent, active duty military service member checks their BAH Calculator…

…Especially if you’re going to be stationed to live here in Hawaii!

VA Home Loan Benefit

True Story:

The situation you’re going to read about may shock you to know. It certainly shocked us, and we decided to do something about it…

…And that’s why we wrote this article.

We sat down with an E-8 who had just retired from service.

All of this gentleman’s hard-earned BAH went to on-post military housing.

When we showed him the reality of what he really made after 25-years of BAH payments on the BAH calculator, his heart sunk and he slouched down in his chair.

His eyes began to tear up, and he let out a deep sigh.

That’s when he said…

…”After all these years, I have nothing to show for.”

Reality Sets In:

He did have something to show for because he worked hard to be where he was.

We were indeed proud of him (and thankful for his service), and the fact that he was determined to start a new chapter in his life and purchase his very first home, showed us he had many things to show for…

…But we completely understood where he was coming from with his statement.

The Good News:

Luckily for this honorable individual, he was sitting with us in a face to face meeting that day.

He knew he wasn’t getting any younger, and that day he decided to buy home.

The Bad News:

Sadly, we have met many service members from every branch, at almost every rank, who have expressed their regrets to us about wasting their BAH instead of benefiting their own personal situations.

We often hear our service members tell us “if I had only known earlier…”

You came here to check your Hawaii BAH Calculator, but don’t wait till reality sets in on you.

Make sure to reach out to us so we can help you achieve your real estate goals!

Knowing is Half the Battle:

BAH Calculator

Make sure to read this whole post because it will be very informative to acquire the knowledge contained within this article…

…However, it will only be life changing if you act on it.

That’s where we come in to help, so make sure to reach out to us after your done.

We wrote this article (BAH Calculator Hawaii What You Really Make) to give you the BAH rates you’re looking for…

…And to KEEP YOU INFORMED of the REAL AMOUNT you’ll make while serving overseas in Hawaii.

You May Be Asking:

“What is the real amount I’ll Make in Hawaii?”

First of all, and so we’re on the same page…

…BAH is not free, and neither is on-post military housing.

That’s because you work hard for it and in exchange for your work, on-post military housing consumes your BAH.

We hope you do understand that it actually costs you your BAH (money) if you’re living in on-post military housing.

We will discuss the real amount of BAH you’ll make but first let’s look at the actual numbers.

According to the Defense Travel Management Office, the BAH rates for 2018 are as follows:

Now that you’ve seen the Hawaii BAH calculator rate…

…What did you think?

Do you see what you really make?

The BAH Calculator does not tell the whole story!

We Think:

The Hawaii BAH calculator is something to get excited about because in comparison to most of the other duty stations…

…there’s way more BAH you receive in Hawaii.

We also think you’re going to love this article (BAH Calculator Hawaii What You Really Make) when you’re finished reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it for you!

If you want to know more about the process of buying your first home, learn what it takes by clicking on this link when you’re finished: 


What Do You Really Make…?

BAH Calculator

In contrast, you could be thinking that due to the high housing prices here in Hawaii it’s not that big of a deal.

Yes, You’re Right:

The cost of housing (rent/mortgage) payments in Hawaii is much higher in comparison to many other duty stations…

…Thus, the Hawaii BAH Calculator is set higher than other duty stations to mitigate against the steep housing prices.

There is a catch though…

Here’s Why BAH in Hawaii is Amazing:

What if you knew you could pay yourself the Hawaii BAH calculator rate each month and retain a portion of it each time you pay your mortgage?

Similar to that of a savings account, when you pay your mortgage each month you actually pay yourself too…

…But when you pay rent or live in on-post military housing, you’re giving you’re hard earned BAH to someone else.

If your curious and want to know more about your monthly mortgage payment, we have a mortgage calculator article that breaks down your monthly payment for you.

You can read about it by clicking here: http://blog.chime.me/www-hawaiipropertyfinder-com/your-mortgage-calculator/

Did You Know:

BAH Calculator

Private businesses have contracts with the government allowing them to not only manage…

… but to actually “Own” the on-post military housing service members are living in now. This even includes the barracks.

Can you believe it???

So that means if you’re serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, or Coast Guard, more than likely you’re paying a private corporation “ALL OF YOUR BAH.”

If you don’t believe us, just walk into your on-post military housing office (or give them a call) and ask them “who owns the on post military housing?”

When you find out a private company does and that We’re Telling You the Truth

…You’ll now know why you’re never taught the education (while in service) regarding paying yourself BAH.

These private businesses actually lobby in Congress to keep you uninformed so they can keep your BAH.

Thankfully, keeping you up to date and informed is our responsibility…

…That’s why we’ve made this information available so your intellectually equipped to achieve the homeownership mission Before it’s Too Late.

As a result, rather than paying someone else, this is just one reason you should pay yourself!


When you live on post, you’re handing over your BAH and helping a private company to get rich…

…While those same companies literally lobby in our Congress each year, to retain as many military service members in the on-post military housing for as long as possible.

If you want to learn about ten things the VA Home Loan Benefit offers active service military members, and veterans make sure to click this link when you’re finished reading: 


Thinking of Renting off Post?

Sure, you could be saving a little of your BAH each month if your rent off of the post…

…Because you can rent something that’s cheaper than what you would make from your Hawaii BAH Calculator rate and merely keep the difference…

…But similarly to on-post military housing, when you rent off the post, you’re paying off someone else’s mortgage and making them rich too.

“Above All, Our Question To You is”:

Rather than paying someone else, why not pay yourself your own money?

Here’s the Kicker:

First of all, whether your married or single you’re most likely going to be stationed in Hawaii for three years.

Why?” You Ask…

…Because the DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) requires that service members sign up for the program for three years here in Hawaii.

This requirement is usually the mandatory time frame to stay in Hawaii.

Now That You Know:

You could receive three years of Hawaii BAH payments to pay down your own home…

…And quite frankly, that’s amazing!

Three Years of BAH Added Up Hmmm?

We wrote this article (BAH Calculator Hawaii What You Really Make) so you can see the reality of exactly how much BAH you’ll make while living in Hawaii.

Let’s Get Started:

To know how much you’ll make in Hawaii over the next three years, first take a look at the BAH calculator rate chart (listed above) again.

Furthermore, take the amount you’ll make (based on pay grade and marital status) and multiply it by twelve months for the year.

This will give you the yearly BAH Calculator rate.

Once you have the yearly BAH Calculator rate amount, multiply the yearly amount by three years.

This will give you a forecast of what you’ll make for the next three years.

Here’s an Example:

For this scenario, we’ll use an E-5’s pay grade, with no dependents, which comes out to $2,202 per month.

Your Math Should Look Like This:

Keep in mind, that we already know that at a bare minimum a service member will serve a three-year overseas tour in Hawaii.

Next, let’s multiply the $2,202 by twelve months to get the yearly amount of BAH Calculator rate amount, which is $26,424 per year.

From here, we can multiply the yearly BAH Calculator rate amount ($26,424) you’ll receive, by three years, which is a total of $79,272.

Look at the example below:

BAH Calculator

Quick Recap:

In the example above, an E-5 without dependents makes an additional $26,424 per year and in contrast $79,272 over the next three years…

…And that’s if you’re not up for promotion.

Not sure if you see this yet, but this is extra money you get to use to increase your own wealth!

Most Noteworthy:


Whatever your BAH Calculator numbers come out too, indeed it’s a tremendous amount of your energy invested in serving our nation.

Think About This:

For this example, an E-5 makes more than triple to quadruple the amount of a reenlistment bonus!

Another reason to pay yourself, but that’s not all…

How Do You Pay Yourself?

Think of a Car Payment:

Each time you make a payment, a portion of your payment goes to the interest on the loan, and a part of your payment goes towards the principle of the loan.

The bank charges you interest on the loan for the reason that you’re borrowing their money, and that’s what the bank makes back from you.

The principle you pay on the mortgage loan goes back to you if you ever decide to sell the car in the future.

Similarly, a mortgage works the same way…

…However, cars depreciate over time while housing prices in Hawaii and rents double almost every ten years.

Imagine This:

So while you’re paying yourself down principal payments on your mortgage, you have a chance to gain appreciation on the home as well.

Another reason why your Hawaii BAH is fantastic…

…And that’s only a small glimpse of what you can make!

Ready For The Full Picture?

BAH Calculator

So we just looked at how you can total up your BAH for the next three years.

We also discussed your principal payments and appreciation when owning your home.

“What Next?”

We wanted to give you an authentic example of how much you would save if you owned your own property.

Let’s Start Here:

For every $500 you can spend on a fixed 30-year mortgage loan that has a fixed 4.5% rate…

…You can borrow $100,000!

Take a Look at This Chart:

BAH Calculator

After you looked at the Hawaii BAH Calculator, this is an easy way to determine a comfortable monthly mortgage payment and home price.

However, there are still other payments that come along with your mortgage that you need to know about.

Here is a break down of expenses for what a typical monthly housing payment looks like:

  • •  Mortgage (Principle & Interest)
  • •  Real property taxes (Hawaii has lowest in the nation)
  • •  Home Owner’s Insurance
  • •  Maintenance Fee (Not For Single Family Homes)


So if Your BAH was $2,500, you could borrow $500,000.

However, for this example, we will use an example of a condo/townhome purchase of $400,000 with a $400 maintenance fee. We will also include taxes and insurance.

Your payments would look similar to this chart:

As you can see in this example, your payments would be just under your monthly Hawaii BAH amount you work hard for. You would end up saving an additional $35 a month, which would work out to $420 a year, or $1,260 extra over the next 3 years.

Quick Note:

If you want to know why real estate can be so expensive in Hawaii on Oahu, read this article we wrote by clicking here: http://blog.chime.me/www-hawaiipropertyfinder-com/homes-for-sale-oahu/

Here’s The Best Part:

The principle on the loan is the amount that will come back to you when you decide to sell your home…

…But it is important to remember that over the last 40-years condos/townhomes have appreciated by 6% on average.

It Gets Better:

The interest you pay can be claimed as a tax deduction against your income…

…Meaning, you’ll need to talk to your CPA and get legal tax assistance so you can request a portion of the interest you paid each year.

From there, you can deduct the interest percentage off of your yearly income first, before being taxed by the government and state.

“This means you pay fewer tax dollars and earn more tax-free money!”

Let’s look at a more in-depth example of what you would make from purchasing a $400,000 property with a fixed mortgage on 30-years at a fixed 4.5% interest rate having a maintenance fee of $400.

Take a look at what you would really make over three years.

BAH Calculator

In this 3-year example, you would have:

Paid yourself $20,262  in principle, took a deduction claim of $52,701 against your income, and your property would have appreciated by $37,091.

That means if you were to sell your home at the new market value in the third year, you would have made back your principal payments of $20,262 and the appreciation of $37,091.

When you add your principal you paid down with your appreciation, in real estate, we call that “equity” and equity is your money.

In this case, if you purchased property here in Hawaii and then sold it three years later, you would have captured $57,353 of Equity.


…This example is only using 3% appreciation. If we used the standard pattern of 6% appreciation instead, the value increase would be double the amount of $37,091, which would be $74,182 (not including the principal paid down).

Let’s Compare:

We know the formula for what you would make using the scenario above.

However, do you know what happens when your not an owner?

You Miss Out On:

  • •  Principal Payments
  • •  Appreciation
  • •  Tax Deductions

When you live in on-post military housing or rent off the post…

…After 3-years you literally walk away with Nothing.

We think you’re much smarter than that.

Remember the story we told you above, regarding the E-8 who was upset that he never bought a home?

Don’t let this happen you!

Your Hawaii BAH Calculator is here so you can do something about it now!

Call us today or sign up to find out how you can take advantage of your the money you make from the BAH calculator.

Here are just a few reviews we received from real active military service members and veterans who were just like you:

BAH Calculator

BAH Calculator

To see more about our team’s service click here: https://www.zillow.com/profile/hometeamhawaii/

You can also visit us on our website and start looking at homes now by clicking here: http://www.hawaiipropertyfinder.com


Now that you know what you really make from your Hawaii BAH Calculator rate…

…There are two choices:

  1. 1.  Pay yourself and make more money!
  2. 2.  Pay someone else and let other people take your money.

The choice is up to you, but we know you’re smart enough to stick with the first choice.

Exceptional Value You Can Rely On:

The Bottom Line:

We will accomplish the homeownership mission with you!

In using your VA Home Loan Benefit, know that you can always rely on us to help you!

Thank you for your service to our country…

…Now it’s our turn to serve you!

Here’s A Bonus:

VA Home Loan Benefit

We are certified Military Relocation Professionals!

Above all, you should “Sign Up Below” and schedule an appointment with us today.

We look forward to serving you with all of your VA Home Loan Benefit Needs!

“Thank you for reading this post.”



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